Media Gateway Suite

Video is an extremely powerful communication tool in today's world. As streaming media has become mainstream, so too has the need to effectively search and manage this potent medium. To unleash the power of your media assets, Pictron has developed a comprehensive suite of products and services lending access to compelling and interactive video on the Web.

The Pictron Media Gateway Suite of products consists of Video Gateway, Audio Gateway, Image Gateway, Media Gateway Server, Media Content Manager, Media Archive Manager, Media Gateway Webcast, Broadcast Media Manager and Postproduction Media Manager. Video scene changes are automatically detected and representative key frames are extracted, summarizing the video content into a storyboard format that communicates the storyline in a highly effective way. Image features such as color, shape, and texture and object features such as human faces, video title text, and user-defined objects are extracted from video frames to index the visual content. A useful text transcript of the video is extracted from closed captioned text or through speaker-independent speech recognition to provide synchronized full text indexing. With the useful storyboard format, a nonlinear access point for viewing video segments from any key frame is provided. Users can now effortlessly find key clips of interest by quickly skimming through content and searching for video segments based on visual cues, text content, and database information.

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