Media Management

Pictron revolutionizes the way video is managed and accessed over the Internet. Pictron's video search technology automatically comprehends and indexes video content, detecting scene changes, objects, human faces, and more. Pictron's indexing functionality turns extensive, unstructured video assets into searchable knowledge, letting users search video as easily as text.

With Pictron, company employees, customers, investors, and web surfers alike can quickly pinpoint the information they need, searching your video assets based on text, audio, image, and speaker recognition. Pictron's speaker-independent speech recognition technology automatically converts audio into a searchable text transcript. Pictron also automatically summarizes video content into a visual storyboard that enables users to easily navigate to specific video clips.

• Maximize your video assets with video search technology

• Enable users to search deep within your media assets and find the information they need fast

• Eliminate time-consuming processes like manual annotation

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