Video Gateway

Pictron Video Gateway unleashes the power of searchable video revolutionizing the way video is accessed and used on the Internet and Intranets. Video Gateway automatically detects video scene changes, extracts key frames and summarizes the video content into a visual storyboard format. A text transcript of the video is extracted from closed captioned text or speech recognition (Audio Gateway) to provide full text search capabilities. Video Gateway can further encode multiple video streams during real-time video indexing with perfect synchronization. Video attributes, annotations, and metadata are cataloged automatically into the database. All of this information is synchronized through the SMPTE time code of the digitized video. Video Gateway derives a structured visual storyboard and indexes information from unstructured content to produce a highly interactive, searchable video.

Video Gateway provides a cost-effective video logging and indexing system in an integrated Microsoft Windows environment. It is tightly integrated with industry standard SQL servers, text index servers, video servers, and Web servers with unparalleled scalability. Users can search and browse video clips using standard Internet browsers or integrated Video Gateway client software.

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