Enterprise Communication

Pictron enables enterprises to enhance their communications and extend their reach in today's global economy. Live and on demand webcasts bring the product launch meeting, sales meeting, executive briefing, or customer product training to users' desktops, wherever they may be. With Pictron, enterprises can share information and deliver time-sensitive information without the hefty cost and time requirements of travel.

Automated Creation and Management of Rich Media Presentations

With Pictron, non-technical users can create and publish professional, high-impact webcasts and rich media presentations with ease. Pictron captures events as they happen, automatically synchronizing audio, video, and slide visuals without any complex, time-consuming post-production requirements and instantly publishes them to the web. Pictron manages scheduling and storage, and provides unmatched search and retrieval functions. Pictron automates the creation and management of rich media presentations from start to finish, enabling organizations to improve their communications without increasing their workload

Live or On Demand Webcasts

Pictron enables enterprises to broadcast meetings live over the Internet, offering a highly interactive experience with Q&A and live chat. The same meeting or training session can also be archived and accessed on demand. With a standard web browser, users can quickly and easily access the critical information they need, when they need it. Pictron's innovative video search technology enables users to search for and pinpoint the information they need quickly without sifting through vast amounts of rich media.

Enable users to pinpoint information quickly through Pictron's advanced search and retrieval technology-search by speaker, speech content, agenda items, and more

Broadcast live shareholder meetings, executive briefings, and all-hands meetings

Train & inform sales force with on-demand sales demonstrations, product updates, launch information, and webinars

Brief globally-disperse team members and foster collaboration

Build eLearning programs and self-paced education modules

Enhance customer training and self-help with on demand demonstrations

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